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What is Meditation


Meditation is different for many people. It is a path you take to learn about yourself, let go, and be with oneself by observing the natural flow of thoughts.  It allows all unresolved issues to come forward and be noticed by your couscous mind.  


By recognizing these issues, you can start to accept who you are, dissolve all negative thoughts, and foremost balance your emotional and physical health and wellbeing.  You will notice that your quality of life is improving and your state of mind becomes much more transparent and stable. People are meditating for many reasons: to improve health, personal growth, spirituality, transcendence, or even inner awakening.  Any purpose or goal is useful to start giving yourself a little time every day. 

Meditation is all about being here and now, observing your thoughts and not sitting or lying in any particular position.  Of course, making it a ritual and a daily habit of sitting in a lotus position, use mudras, calm music, and incense will make it much stronger. The truth is that all you need is 5 minutes, your inner self and observation. Be comfortable rather than follow any rules. 

After regular practice and time, you will notice that certain positions are much more beneficial for your body and mind than others. You will start to experience the energy flow in your body and how they influence your thoughts and emotions… this is a self-development path that will keep you engaged if you allow it to become a ritual that you just need to do naturally. 

The best way to start meditating is to use a guided meditation recording or video. It will take you through the process step by step, making sure you are engaged and do not drift off. Listening to it in headphones can help you enhance your experience, but do as you prefer - whatever gives you the best and comfortable experience.  You will be guided on how to relax your body and actively participate in the process. 

Try to keep your eyes closed as this stimulates your subconscious mind to be more open to positive suggestions. One of the key elements is to visualize and engage your emotional feedback. You need to participate in the process actively. During the meditation, you can experience visual, auditorial, or kinaesthetic feedback from your body. The more you engage your emotions, the better the outcome. 

Your brain needs around 30 days to produce new pathways that will enforce any positive changes in your way of thinking, subconscious re-programming, or experiencing new positive emotions. It is beneficial to practice daily and to start a journal in which you can note down any progress and changes you experience over time. 

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do meditation. It is your own process of discovering yourself! 

I AM Affirmations

In general, everything that you say or think becomes affirmation if it is regularly repeated over time.  That's why it is paramount to think positively and do not overthink on worst case scenarios.  Our brain works on two levels: conscious and subconscious.  It is like an iceberg - 95% of it is not visible to your consciousness.


During the day you are only aware of what you do and think in around 2-5%, the rest of your actions are pre-programmed in your subconscious and work automatically. It is tough to be aware of your thoughts throughout the day.

When you repeat affirmations in the morning or evening, it makes you feel better. Unfortunately, it has minimal impact on changing our perception and subconscious programming as you are giving it attention for a fraction of % during the day.  That's why the best option is to listen to affirmations while sleeping.  Your subconscious mind works all the time and is aware of all the sensory inputs your brain receives. It can process an incredible amount of data and react upon it instantly.  That's why you can fall asleep in a noisy place. Your conscious mind drifts off while your subconscious is still processing the noise and can wake you up in case it feels there is an emergency situation. 

You can utilize this feature for your advantage and fall asleep while listening to affirmations video.  If you listen to it for 8h that is already 33% of your day!  Do you see the difference while compared to a fraction of 2% during the morning and evening time? 

Our subconscious mind doesn't see a difference between past and future or yes and no. It considers that all you say is the truth and happens now.  That is why all your affirmations should always be positive and in the present tense, happening now and definite. 

If you think " I want...." your subconscious mind thinks that you are manifesting action of wanting something but not the thing itself.  
If you constantly repeat to yourself negative thoughts, your subconscious mind thinks that's what your consciousness wants. 

So always start your affirmation with I AM - it emphasizes that it is true and now.


Do not forget to make it a daily or nightly habit. Listen to your affirmations for a minimum of 30 days as your brain needs that time to create new physical pathways. Your subconscious mind needs that time as well to remove old accustomed programs and create new ones matching your affirmations instructions. 


As most of the affirmations require some level of action on your part be open to any signs or opportunities that may present themselves usually in most unexpected situations.  You become a strong magnet for opportunities, and the Law of Attraction is working for you.  However, the action is also required so changes can take place. 

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